Why Rug Restoration Services Are Indispensable

We specialize in rug and carpet cleaning, but often we find that rugs and carpets need more than just a cleaning when clients reach out to us. There are situaitons when a rug must be repaired before it can be cleaned, this is where our rug restoration services exceed.
We have been a recommened business for years by both homeowners and business owners who need rug cleaning in Irvington, but we also provide a wide range of rug restoration services.
Our goal is to make all your rugs look like they were just purchased. It does not matter how old the rug is we can provide and restoration service. We often perform rug recoloring, rug reweaving, rug binding, and rug fringing for clients, each of these services will be explained below.


Why Rug Recoloring Is A Common Rug Restoration Service

When a rug is brand new, its colors and design are vibrant. Over time, even the best rug can loose its coloring, when this happens it's best to get in touch with our expert rug recoloring team. We’ll save you from throwing your precious rug away.
You won't ever have to worry about rug dye running, as our technicians are meticulous and thorough. Even if your rug has a complex design, this won’t effect our technicians from performing a first-rate rug recoloring service. Once recoloring has been done, the rug will look brand new.

When Area Rug Reweaving Should Be Considered

Area rugs aren't the only rugs that require reweaving eventually. In fact, Persian and oriental rugs require reweaving more than most other rugs, and this is just because of how these rugs are designed.
Our experts can reweave any kind of rug, and after they're done your rug will be sound for many years to come. If your rug has been damaged by moths or other insects, then a reweaving service is likely what you need. This is a rug restoration service that will save you from having to get an expensive rug replacement.

We’ll Deliver First-Rate Rug Rebinding

When your rug needs to be rebound, our experts are the ones you should call. We use binding tape or a heavy duty sewing machine to bind your rug, and once our binding process is complete your rug will be strong for years to come. Binding is a restoration service rug owners often get when they want to avoid rug replacement.

When It’s Time To Get Rug Fringing

A rug’s fringe is like its backbone. When this gets damaged, our experts should be called. We will restore your rug so it looks neat and tidy, and it will also feel better after we fringe it. Our fringing service is one of our most popular rug restoration services, especially with those who own hand-woven rugs.